City Safari

Sometimes you see a wild blue wall and you must drop everything you're doing to hang out and take pictures in front of it.  Good thing my outfit of the day wasn't too shabby, and the crisp weather called for my outrageous vintage cheetah print coat I found at a, wait for it, thrift store.  I mean….  It looks so real that I feel nervous people will think I'm wearing a real cheetah on my back.  I assure you this is 100% vegan cheetah, people.  And even better, the super cool cream and gold vintage tag inside says "Safari Coat."  It's treasures like this that keep me braking for thrift shops and poppin' tags (whatever that even means).

p.s. Do you like the weed I picked for you?  

p.s.s. A sweet, wise donkey once said, "Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them." -Eeyore

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image copy.jpeg
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Coat (Vintage), Tights (Target), Clogs (similar), Watches (Vintage), Earrings & Button Ring & Monogram Pin (Thrifted), Glasses (See Eyewear - similar), Dress (similar)